Entertainment Noise & Bars 

Entertainment noise is a particular speciality of this Acoustic Consultancy. The team  have a lot of experience, and we understand the entertainment industry well, and the requirements of bar  and club operators, local authorities and official organisations.


We provide professional technical advice on all matters concerning noise and acoustics. We have over twenty years of experience of dealing with all types of noise issues from nightclubs, bars and restaurants, dating back to the early 1990s. We undertake noise surveys, and then produce comprehensive acoustic reports containing technical advice and recommendations to resolve any noise issues.


We are also qualified Licensing Agents and can submit licence applications, and appear as your Agent and Expert Witness in Licence hearings and appeals. We have managed to secure late licences for many clubs, often in difficult circumstances, such as Special Policy Areas, and Saturation Zones in City centres. We also install and calibrate sound limiters, and issue official calibration certificates.


We are well known to the Local Authorities, and liaise regularly with the noise team and the licensing groups to support your interests throughout the case.  We respond promptly at short notice, and offer a professional, reliable service.

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We could not have wished for a more professional service

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Noise Surveys and  Reports

Professional, qualified and experienced

Quick turnaround

Approved by Local Authorities

Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Pubs

Events and Festivals

Recommendations and Acoustic Design

Sound System Design and Modelling

Sound Limiters and Calibration

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Expert Witness

We are Qualified Licensing Agents

Representation in Licensing hearings

External environmental monitoring

Pre-purchase noise assessments

Noise at Work assessments for staff

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Noise

High Success Rate

Professional Reliable Service



Shaun Murkett Acoustics

have been very helpful, ... Shaun did

some excellent noise reports  for

XOYO, and was completely

professional ...

Their comprehensive reports

and good working relationship with the legal team and local authority

was essential for us ...

Highly recommended

Riz Shaikh and Steve Ball, Directors,

XOYO and the Colombo Group

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Studio Spaces application Shoreditch

The Widows' Son Pub - Bow


Shaun Murkett is well known and very experienced in the industry, He was particularly  good at negotiating ...very diplomatic. We strongly recommend him.

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Volkan Yildirim and Asim Erturk, Owners Widows' Son Pub, Bow.

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