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Feasibility Noise Surveys and Reports

Noise Management Plan Preparation

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Pre-Event technical assistance

Full Noise Management Services on the day

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Shaun Murkett Acoustics are very experienced in the Entertainment Industry. We have many years of experience of providing  comprehensive and professional Event Noise Management Service for festivals, pop concerts, carnivals and all types of indoor and outdoor events. This usually starts with a feasibility noise survey, then professional technical advice and reports for pre-event planning, through to arranging temporary licences with the local authority. We are Associate Members of the Institute of Licensing and so are fully qualified and experienced to arrange and facilitate all types of licence.


On the days just preceding the event we visit the site and liaise with the sound company and event organisers, and then  at  the sound check agree appropriate music sound levels, and resolve any last minute technical queries, and liaise fully with the local authority.


On the day of the event we provide a full professional Noise Management Service with an experienced team who monitor the noise levels, in various locations, and advise the event organisers and front of house sound engineers. We deal with any complaints from local residents and respond promptly to the hot line enquiry service that is usually set up by the event team.


We  work in a calm, professional, way with Event Organisers, sound engineers, performers, crew, residents, Police, Local Authority Noise Teams and other officials, to ensure any technical noise issues are resolved, the sound levels are acceptable, and the event proceeds in a successful way.

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Shaun Murkett

BSc. C.Eng. MIET.,MIEE.,  MIOA., Principal Consultant and Managing Director, is a full member of the Institute of Acoustics, Institute of Engineering Technology, (formerly the Institute of Electrical Engineers), and is a Chartered Engineer. He is an Associate Member of the Institute of Licensing, and the company is on the list of Approved Professional Consultants with the Institute of Acoustics.

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